Who We Are

Armenians are Proud to be the first people as a nation to declare Christianity their national religion over 1700 years ago. Our church goes back to when Thaddaeus also called Jude and Bartholomew two of the twelve disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ brought Christianity to Armenia soon after the ascension of Christ.

 The Foundation Stones where set on St. Gregory the Iluminator  Church on February 3, 1910. The Church was blessed by Bishop Hovsep Sarajian and construction begain. The Church was consecrated April 17,1910. And the celebration of Christian faith for the people of St. Gregory’s in Fowler had begun.

Over the last hundred years and through the hard work of its members St. Gregory has grown, although we are still not a great and grand cathedral we are happy with the shape our little country church has taken. What started as a 1920 square feet building has blossomed in to a beautiful church building with like people. We have added a church hall, Sunday school rooms, a park, and a lasting family of Christians that welcome all in God’s house in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

About St. Gregory Armenian Church