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Like water, oil is an essential religious symbol, one of healing, light, reconciliation, and peace. The dove brought Noah an olive branch announcing God's forgiveness and reconciliation with humanity after the Great Flood. The peace and healing by oil is represented during the actual pouring of Muron into the water from a dove-shaped vessel. The priest sings the hymn "Arakeloh Aghavnoh" (the dove that was sent). This recalls the descent of the Holy Spirit on Christ. The priest then pours the Holy Muron into his palm and uses it to bless 9 parts of the body; forehead, eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, hands, heart, back and feet, beseeching the Holy Spirit to seal the newly-baptized with faith and to protect the child's sight, thoughts, words, deeds, and service from the influences of evil in the world.

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