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Saint Gregory's

Ladies Society



2020 Officers

Chairman: Danielle Shapazian

Vice Chairman: Charlotte Arakelian

Recording Secretary: Gayane Korkmazian

Corresponding Secretary: Astine Zadourian

Treasurer: Janice Hendrix

Parliamentarian: Nancy Thompson

Advisor: Christine Sahatdjian

Advisor: Lydia Topoozian

Delegate: Roberta Hagopian

Delegate: Nancy Thompson


St. Gregory's Ladies Society was founded in 1949 by Rose Kandarian, Edna Ahronian, and Nan Mirigian. This organization flourished with members that were dedicated to aiding different aspects of the church such as the church choir, sunday school, and maintenance of Markarian Hall. For now over 7 decades, the women of St. Gregory Fowler have served their church collectively, faithfully, and spiritually.

St. Gregory Fowler Ladies Society 50th Anniversary

December 5, 1999

As the Ladies Society of St. Gregory the Illuminator, our objective is to study, practice, and to propagate the teachings of the Holly Scriptures, the doctrines, and rites of the Armenian church. It is our duty to educate others about the history, traditions, and customs of the Armenian church and its people. We are dedicated to cultivate Christian virtues of mutual love of cooperation toward one another and toward other organizations within the parish.

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